Wanderlust Oahu 2017

We are thrilled to be a part of Wanderlust Festival O'ahu AGAIN this February. Warm sun, soft sand and plenty of palm trees are the perfect combo for learning to slackline or progressing your practice. Join us for Slackline Fundamentals, Slackline Yoga, Slackro, and Longlining classes for all levels. And be sure to meet us for Conditioning each afternoon!

Dropping into any YogaSlackers class, you might find yourself practicing a traditional yoga sequence, or discovering the yogic elements behind various adventure activities such as slacklining, acrobatics, climbing, and more. You might find yourself realizing that your true potential lies way beyond your expectations. Who knows,the day you drop into a YogaSlackers class could change the course of your whole life as well. After all, life truly begins where your comfort zone ends.

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