Team YogaSlackers take first place in Maya Mountain Challenge!

Team YogaSlackers/GearJunkie took 1st place in the Maya Mountain Adventure Challenge- a 4 day race involving canoeing, running/trekking, mountain biking and temple stair climbing! 

It was a course full of challenge and beauty. Belize showed us much of its  beauty in it's people, the wild jungle, gigantic waterfalls, thousand year old temples and wildlife. 

In this race everything came together for us,  hours of analyzing what we had done right and wrong, what worked and what didn't finally paid off after years of getting 2nd and 3rd places in numerous expedition races. We felt strong, excited and confident from the start to finish. We like many other teams of course had our hiccups- Dan's leaky tire, Jason's sprained ankle, my deliriousness, etc.. but we were able to push through it all. 

If you want to see how we prepare for a race like this, please take a look at the last three videos thanks to our Sponsors:

The final 4th one should be coming out any day now, so be on the look out at, on our FB pages and on Watch them, and enter to win some AMAZING prizes!!

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