In recent years, the YogaSlackers have been blurring the boundaries between classic acroyoga and slacklining. Imagine moves and sequences from the slackline morphed into acro moves. Or imagine using acro to train for more advanced slackline possibilities. We take the fantastic ideas our minds come up with and we manifest them into a physical reality. This new form of partner acrobatics has been dubbed ‘slackro’ or dual balance. 


Slackro empowers both the base AND the flyer with an active role in their acro practice. This is unique and differs from traditional partner acrobatics where the flyer stays very still, doesn’t move, and the base is in control of the balancing. The combination of acro and slacklining creates another level of body awareness that teaches greater balance and connection. It adds diversity, while giving you and your partner more confidence. And it’s really fun!

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Slackline Yoga has no originator, no owner, no patent. It is the practice of finding yoga in your slacklining. We happened to stumble onto this path in a similar way to many (probably you, too) through serendipitous acts. We were yogis who started slacklining. Given that our bodies, breath, and mind were already tuned into the physical practice of yoga, we naturally started practicing yoga asanas (poses) on the line.

Soon after we stepped onto the line for the first time, we understood the innate power of this flat webbing at helping us achieve the same state of consciousness that we strive to attain while practicing yoga and meditation. The vigorous shaking of our first attempt to slack made our mind lose track of anything else around us. All that was present was our breath, our body, and the line. For that quarter of a second when we found balance for the first time, we experienced a deep sense of stillness. We reached a state of calmness that we had only ever experienced after long yoga and meditation practices. But through slacklining, we accessed that state instantly. Slacklining provided us with a tool to access that space with little effort – without even trying to reach it – a space that although was always present, in us, seemed hard to reach or often completely unavailable until now. The line became a mirror; a reflector of our state of consciousness. It became a tool that connected our body, breath, and our state of mind to that place of inner stillness.


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