The YogaSlackers
    If you’ve ever doubted that single day can change the course of your whole life, look no further than the YogaSlackers for proof. In 2005, Jason Magness and Sam Salwei were caught on camera doing yoga poses on a slackline at the Yoga Journal Estes Park event, and as of that one fateful day, the YogaSlackers were born!   Over the next decade The YogaSlackers grew into a group of over 100 adventure seeking yogis and athletes from all over the world, including the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, France, and more. Each person on this world-renowned team of teachers naturally seeks growth and self-discovery within themselves, and thus they are able to create a comfortable and fun environment for their students to do the same.   Dropping into any YogaSlackers class, you might find yourself practicing a traditional yoga sequence, or discovering the yogic elements behind various adventure activities such as slacklining, acrobatics, climbing, and more. You might find yourself realizing that your true potential lies way beyond your expectations. Who knows, the day you drop into a YogaSlackers class could change the course of your whole life as well. After all, life truly begins where your comfort zone ends.   SPONSORED BY ToeSox and Yakima

    Teacher Posts

    01 May 2017

    We are all aware of those unique individuals the rest of us sometimes have the privilege to meet while we are busy with our routine- someone who is an enigma to the “daily grind” type of existence; someone who inspires us, and in the very least, gives us a moment to pause and reflect on […]

    Sorry, The YogaSlackers has not made any blog posts yet.
    Sorry, The YogaSlackers has not made any blog posts yet.