Climbing, Yoga & More in Puerto Rico

Sam and I were very fortunate to partner with Heidi Wirtz and Earth Play Retreats for a series of climbing retreats in Cuba and Puerto Rico. After our first incredible trip in Cuba, we headed home to Puerto Rico for a week filled with climbing, slacklining, acro, and yoga.

Hosting events in Puerto Rico always excites me for several reasons. First, I get to share my home with friends, stroll around my grandfather’s land, and share everything I’ve learned from growing up in the countryside. I was raised ‘like a farm animal,’ and I loved it! I spent my days roaming open fields and only returned home at sundown. These experiences of living life outdoors are cherished memories that I love to share with others.

One of the highlights of traveling with groups in Puerto Rico is introducing people to my favorite locations. While some are popular tourist attractions, they are incredible spots that have become hard to keep secret. Every visit also offers me the chance to explore new restaurants, sights, and hidden gems across the island. Despite its modest size of 100 by 35 miles, Puerto Rico boasts a wealth of places to explore, get lost, and have an amazing time. I was born, raised, and have explored this island far and wide, and I am still finding new places!

For the active traveler, Puerto Rico is a paradise. The island offers everything from underwater reefs to high mountain rain forests, rivers, lakes, and caves. There are mountains to run, cycle, and climb, waves to ride, and winds to fly. Essentially, if you can imagine it in a tropical environment, Puerto Rico has it all—except snow! You can find rain forests, dry deserts, caves, rivers, and ocean adventures all within a short distance.

During this trip, we focused on yoga and climbing, with slacklining, acro, and surfing as complementary activities. As always, we had a blast and were left wanting more.

So pack your bags and join us on our next retreat! Or come along on our private homestay adventures, where you can choose a few activities you’d like to do on the Island, and we’ll take you around!

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