Nomad Headquarters

As far as I can remember, my life has revolved around car, traveling, adventuring, living and making a living in them. In 2005 Jason Magness and I co-founded YogaSlackers from a car, and since then our company has always had a nomad headquarter. Here are some links to our current and past vehicles. I hope you find them equally interesting and educational.

Our Nomad Headquarters

Check out more information about our current and previous nomad headquarters below. Each vehicle has their own page.


2005 to 2017

For 12 years this 1988 Ford Festiva was our home, office and method of transport. Together we visited all the continental states, 5 Canadian Provinces and Mexico. With over 500,000 miles, the PLC now rests in North Dakota after living a full life.

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2017 and counting

In 2017 we decided to upgrade our home. We wanted a larger space to sleep in, the ability to cook inside and air conditioner. The SlackerVan – a 1988 Mitsubishi Delica – gave us two out of our three requests and a lot more.

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in progress

The ev4x4 is a work in progress. We are pretty much building from scratch our dream vehicle: a diesel hybrid 4×4.

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Nomad Blogs

Check out some of our NomadLife Blogs. You can find post with more topics in our main blog.

The World Is Your Playground

The wanderers of the Peace Love Car see life as an adventure, with no limit but your own imagination. It’s a familiar scene: It’s Christmas

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Nomad Life: On Hold

Did you know that there is not a true antonym for the English noun nomad? We learned this the hard way earlier this year, when we were unexpectedly required to “stay put” and stop living nomadically during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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SlackerVan Kitchen View

A Complete Guide to Vanlife Kitchen

Check out the SlackerVan kitchen setup. After living on the road for over 10 years, Sam (co-founder of YogaSlackers) and Raquel have identify a list of ‘must have’ items for cooking on the road.

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