Adventure is an unusual and exciting,
typically hazardous experience of activity.

Adventure is setting out on a journey (mental or physical) where you are not at all sure of the outcome. Oftentimes, the best adventures are the ones that are so “unknown” that we don’t even know how to define the “success” that we are hoping for. Some may even say ‘An adventure is simply a vacation gone wrong.’

If you have been around any YogaSlackers for long enough, you might have experienced one of their adventures. We strive to have adventures on a daily basis. Why? Because we understand that adventure helps shape you as a person. Adventures let you see who you are deep inside, without any filter. Adventures are a way to push the limits of human potential and discover who we really are. Ultimately, a desire for adventure is what every first-time explorer needs to embrace in order to take that first step.

On a historical note, before the YogaSlackers were teaching slackline yoga, founders Sam Salwei and Jason Magness were adventure racing as Team YogaSlackers. Now, the team races with the name Bend Racing. The team is an entity of its own and has become a name that keeps professional adventure racers awake at night.

We strive to have so many adventures, that we forget more adventures that most people have in a lifetime.

Road to Wanderlust Tour

After learning that their beloved Peace Love Car had less than a year of life, Sam Salwei and Raquel Hernández-Cruz decided to say their goodbyes with an epic adventure. They gave themselves 8 months to drive to all 49 US continental states (yes, including Alaska!) and 5 Canadian Provinces, teach a class and do an adventure. They succeed at both.

Peace Car Mountain

Living On Your Own Terms, By Your Own Rules

It is never too late to live the life of your dreams. I want to die while living fully. When some people see the Peace Love Car they simply see a jalopy car that should be taken off the streets; a sick stray dog that would be best to be

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The World Is Your Playground

The wanderers of the Peace Love Car see life as an adventure, with no limit but your own imagination. It’s a familiar scene: It’s Christmas morning. The floor is covered in the remnants of torn wrapping paper and packaging. And the kids are having an absolutely epic day… playing with

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What Becoming Students Taught Us About Teaching—and Ourselves

The wanderers of the Peace Love Car flip their perspective and become beginners, learning that it’s OK to fail sometimes Follow the Peace Love Car’s adventures all over North America!  The hardest part about being a traveling teacher considered an expert in her field is flipping your perspective to that

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Rickshaw Run

In 2013 six adventurous YogaSlackers traveled from Rajasthan to Cochin in India as part of The Adventurists Rickshaw Run.
Waving out of a rickshaw

YogaSlackers Rickshaw Run

YogaSlackers head to India to drive a glorified lawnmower from one end to the other. Will they make it? Who cares!?! It is for a great cause. So go to and follow the action LIVE! While you are there, help the cause by buying a custom Wenger knife –

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Jason Magness balancing on a slack rope

Slackers Meet Rope Walkers

We were so grateful and humbled to be welcomed in as friends to this family of rope walkers. For generations the women in the family learn how to rope walk and the boys go to school… Gita made us chai and Dahl and the kids laughed and played with us.

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How our rickshaws ended up on the river

The Road To Pendra was impassable! Bridge is out. “Not possible. You cannot go this way.” These were the words we heard over and over again in the village of Kawant, as we headed south to Pendra… a tiny dot on our map…

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Y.E.S. Tour

Yoga Extreme Sustainability Tour of Colorado

In 2009 the YogaSlackers combined all our passions to facilitate a message of Awareness through Adventure. Directly after our For Inspirational Purposes Only expedition. Team YogaSlackers kicked off their 1008 mile Y.E.S. tour of Colorado during the 2009 Teva Mountain Games on June 4th, and completed the tour 1008 hours (42 Days) later at the Telluride Yoga Festival.

2XTM: Snowkite Expedition

To Cross The Moon (2XTM) – 2007 & 2008. YogaSlackers set on a mission to cross the entire state of North Dakota using wind power. Their chosen method of transport? Snow kites.

"Too Much Fun" Expeditions

“Too Much Fun” is the antidote to a shortage of time off. Andy Magness devised this expedition format to cram a year’s worth of adventure into a single long weekend. The expedition revolved around conquering high points with little rubber boats on our back, packrafts. Our strategy involved placing bikes at the river’s take-out point, then driving our vehicles to the trailhead to embark on climbing at least one mountain. Along the way, we added elements of technical rock climbing, thrilling ski descents, and challenging off-trail navigation wherever possible.

Our ultimate goal was to reach the river’s headwaters, where we would hike alongside it until it was time to inflate our packrafts. We would then paddle downstream, sometimes facing up to Class 5 rapids, sometimes utilizing hand paddles, until we reached the take-out point. From there, we’d hop on our bikes and pedal back to the vehicles, all in a race against the clock to ensure Andy Magness caught his flight home. It was a completely self-supported venture, which often translated to sharing three sleeping bags among five people and typically squeezing into a three-person tent.

Invariably, things rarely unfolded as planned, but that was part of the charm. Join us as we offer you a rare glimpse into the sometimes unforgiving reality of “Too Much Fun,” all captured and produced by us ‘YogaSlackers’ in these mini films.

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