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Peace Love Car

Why Choose A 1988 Ford Festiva?

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Some of Our Adventures

The PeaceLoveCar made it to all 49 continental states and 5 Canadian Provinces in it’s last 8 months, and in it’s lifetime it made it to Mexico too. Has your vehicle traveled across all the North American Continent? This jalopy car, sure did!


The World Is Your Playground

The wanderers of the Peace Love Car see life as an adventure, with no limit but your own imagination. Follow the Peace Love Car’s adventures

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Road to Wanderlust Videos

Episode 1: On the Road Together
Episode 2: Life on the Road • How We Shower in Coffee Shops
Episode 3: What Becoming Students Taught Us About Teaching
Episode 4: The World is Your Playground
Episode 5: Living On Your Own Terms, By Your Own Rules

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These are companies that support our nomadic lifestyle. We use their products because we like them. And requested affiliate codes to share with our friends and family. Purchasing products directly on their website by following these links, will pay us a small incentive, without costing you anything.


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