Peace Love Car

Basic Info

Peace Love Car

Why Choose a 1988 Ford Festiva?

  • Cheap

    We were gifted this vehicle. And we just kept on driving it.

  • Fuel Economy

    Fully loaded: 24 mpg
    Empty: 40 mpg

  • Manual Transmission

    The ability to push start this vehicle was proven highly useful.

  • Stealth Camping Anywhere

    No one ever imagined two people where sleeping inside this vehicle! We could park and sleep pretty much anywhere without risking being asked to move in the middle of the night.

  • Imposible to Break

    Ok ok... more likely easy and cheap to repair. We replaced more than one transmission at some random parking lot.

  • It is old and used

    Averaging more 24 mpg we couldn't justify the environmental impact of buying a new vehicle to replace this perfectly fine specimen.

  • Great Conversation Starter

    Love it or hate it, people would let us know what they thought about it!

Some of Our Favorite Images

Road to Wanderlust Videos

Some of Our Adventures

The PeaceLoveCar made it to all 49 continental states and 5 Canadian Provinces in it’s last 8 months, and in it’s lifetime it made it to Mexico too. Has your vehicle traveled across all the North American Continent? This jalopy car, sure did!

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