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About This Program

YogaSlackers 12 Days of Handstands goal is to empower participants around the world to train handstands wherever they are with the support of an online community.

In this page you will find this month’s training program. We update this page during the last days of the month. Join our newsletter to receive a notification when the new training program is loaded.

We also recommend you join our Facebook group to connect with our community of supportive and dedicated handstanders around the world.

Funded By People Like You

By donating $10 to $20 per month or making a one-time contribution via PayPal or Venmo, you can keep this program going. Your support enables us to create training plans, develop new videos, and provide valuable feedback. With enough backing, we’ll maintain the program and continue delivering exceptional content.

Alternatively, consider our personalized training program, tailored to your needs, with three different levels to choose from. All plans can be shared with 2 additional people as long as you all have similar training needs.

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This Month's Training Program

Recommended Tools

Practice your handstands on a wood board, hard carpet, or a thin yoga mat. This will help you absorb some of the pressure created on your hands while handstanding, without creating too much instability.

Avoid practicing on soft surfaces – such as thick carpets, puzzle mats or thick yoga mats – as the instability created by them can put your joints in compromised positions.

Nothing fancy is needed. I use a homemade 1/2 in (3.81cm) plywood board.

Clear out some space around a wall or pillar in your home. Make sure to clear up enough space to create a safe fall zone in case you fall in any direction.

Remember to use your thin yoga mat or handstand board during your wall training drills.

We use yoga blocks to help us maintain proper forearm alignment. If you don’t have any, think outside the block and experiment using water bottles, books or boxes.

You will need to time the length of your handstands. It can be done with a friend and a chronometer or by trimming a video.

Here are a few of our favorite apps to time our handstands: M Stopwatch, Handstand Quest, and Seconds.

Handstand training like any other training stresses your body. Take time after each training session and between training days to massage your body.

We recommend Armaid and RAD rollers. Check out our resource page for discount codes for both.

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