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Established in 2005

The YogaSlackers are an eclectic group known worldwide for their amazing slackline abilities and their teaching techniques. Their main practice – Slackline Yoga – focuses practicing yoga asanas (postures) while balancing on a one inch wide piece of webbing suspended over the air. The goal of their practice is to regulate stress responses and learn to connect with the calm centered self, regardless of the situation.

Creators of the eLine Slackline Kit – the first slackline designed with the needs of the Slackline Yoga practitioner in mind – the YogaSlackers strive to make slackline yoga accessible to people of all ages, genders, economic status and level of practice.

Their teaching style is characterized by safe and simple progressions with a strong focus on foundational work. This has allowed them to successfully share around the world the practices that join this eclectic group: Yoga,  Slackline Yoga, AcroYoga, Conditioning and Adventure.

In this page you can explore their different practices, check out their upcoming events, connect with teachers near you, find slackline gear and much more.


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