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Life and death are one thread,
one line viewed from opposite ends,
all experience lies between

eLine Slackline Kit

Everything you need to set the line between two trees!

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Who are the YogaSlackers?

YogaSlackers Rainbow

An eclectic group united by five principles: Yoga, Slacklining, AcroYoga, Adventure and Conditioning.



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Our teachers specialize in gently nudging their students (and themselves) far outside the comfort zone and into the realm of ultimate growth.

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Butterfly Coil

How to Butterfly Coil a…

Learn how to properly store longer pieces of webbing using a butterfly coil. A great coiling method as it allows you to store and transport long slacklines with or without a bag while reducing the probability of having twists, kinks and turns in your webbing. Plus the skills used to store your gear are the same ones you will use for climbing rope.



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