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Established in 2005

We’re the YogaSlackers, a celebrated collective from around the globe, renowned for our innovative and accessible teaching techniques. At the core of what we do is Slackline Yoga, an extraordinary fusion of traditional yoga postures executed while balancing on a slackline webbing. We also introduced the world to “slackro,” an inventive mix of acroyoga and partner acrobatics that draws inspiration from our signature Slackline Yoga practices. Our ultimate aim? To skillfully navigate stress, cultivating a tranquil and focused essence within ourselves, no matter the chaos that surrounds us.

In our quest to make Slackline Yoga accessible to all, we developed the eLine Slackline Kit, the first slackline designed specifically for this practice. Our mission is to facilitate widespread participation in Slackline Yoga, making it attainable for individuals of every age, gender, financial standing, and level of ability. With a track record of teaching over 30,000 people globally – ranging from kids to adults, and novices to experts – our methods have not only been widely successful but also celebrated across continents. If you’re eager to learn, we’re here to offer our guidance and support, every step of the way.

On this website you’ll find a wealth of practices to dive into, from Slackline Yoga and AcroYoga to Conditioning and Adventure. Stay updated on our latest events, find a YogaSlackers teacher near you, and stock up on all the essential gear for your slackline journey. With so much to discover, we’re thrilled to accompany you on this exciting path. Welcome to the world of the YogaSlackers!

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Yoga, Slackline, AcroYoga, Handstands and Adventure Based
Retreats, Workshops and Teacher Trainings
Yoga, Slackline, AcroYoga, Handstands and Adventure Based Retreats, Workshops and Teacher Trainings
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Meet our Teachers

You can find YogaSlackers Teachers around the Globe! Our Teacher Training Program offers the perfect opportunity to deepen your understanding of yoga, slackline yoga, acroyoga and handstands practices.


The YogaSlackers are incredible teachers They’re thorough in their explanations and give you the tools to lay a strong foundation for your practice.

It’s hard to come by teachers as good as Sam and Raquel!

slackline on xframes
North Africa Acro-Yoga Camp Out​

I love how the 12 days of handstand is available for free to help me grow in my handstand journey. I am over 50 in age and started my handstand journey a little over a year ago. The beauty of this online challenge is that the goals are set up very clearly for each levels.

Florida, USA

I have two of their lines. High-vis, comfy, perfect park setup for a low-key Line or something for newbies to play on while you’re hitting the big stuff. It’s also a great intro to pulley mechanics. I’ve taught my wife’s second grade class with it 🙂 Highly recommend this setup.

Joshua Gray Wolf
California, USA