Manual Hubs with Titanium bolts

Why a Manual Hub ?

We chose to change from the stock auto hubs for one main reason, reliability. The auto hubs tend to take a few wheel revolutions to engage and you need to put it in reverse to disengage the 4×4 system. The change also saved us 1,267 grams (633.3 g each side).

The Delica L300 #SLACKERvan is a forward control van so it is “easy” to be able to reach down from an open door to lock the hubs in. Raquel insists I will need to make the trek over to the passenger side as she is unwilling to turn the dial but I think she will give in when the going gets tough.

Why Titanium Bolts?

Because they are rainbow colored of course! Not really, I went with Ti because they were the same price as OEM bolts and the shipping speed and cost was much faster and cheaper.
Manual Hub Upgrade
L300 Auto Hub Stock weight

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