Slackasana: The Art of Slackline Yoga DVD

Slackasana: The Art of Slackline Yoga DVD

This classic DVD started it all for the YogaSlackers. It is a piece of YogaSlackers’ history and collection piece.


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It covers the basics of walking, sitting, transitions, and yoga on the line. The original slackers, Sam and Jason, help you speed up the slackline learning curve and inspire you to live a “life on the line”. Get all the tools you need to begin using slackline yoga to enhance your personal journey. Learn a unique and simple way to set up the line as well as basic standing, walking, sitting, turning, and several yoga postures and sequences. The goal of the DVD is to teach the basics and give students tools to tailor a slackline practice to their needs.

Slacklining takes core control, commitment, focus and breath work. This DVD has all you need to jump into one of the most interesting ways to expand your world of balance, yoga and just plain old outdoor fun. So get your YogaSlackers eLine and start SLACKING!

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