V.I.B.E. DVD: Yoga for Acrobats


V.I.B.E. DVD: Yoga for Acrobats

The V.I.B.E (Vinyasa Inspired By Experience) is a series of instructional yoga videos inspired by certain types of athletics.

“V.I.B.E.” is a departure from typical yoga DVD’s with the honest and raw style of YogaSlackers, intended to both challenge and teach students. Practice and play at your own risk.



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Yoga For Acrobats is the first of the VIBE video series. It provides level 1 and level 2 foundational yoga classes to develop your skills for AcroYoga. Great for training you can do on your own to become a better acrobat. The DVD is packed full of extras like strength training exercises and music by Barefoot Truth.

If you are looking for something that inspires your practice and improves your play – get your VIBE on.

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