Eric Yang
Eric Yang

Eric Yang 楊敬彥

YogaSlackers Teacher Since 2024

Eric, a dynamic community leader in Taiwan, is celebrated for his extraordinary kindness and unwavering dedication to fostering the growth of AcroYoga. Born in LA and raised in Taiwan, Eric’s journey as an engineer took a serendipitous turn when he embraced AcroYoga in 2017. His passion for this art form quickly blossomed, leading him to become a pivotal figure in Taiwan’s AcroYoga landscape.

Eric’s approach to teaching AcroYoga is deeply rooted in compassion and patience, particularly with newcomers. He effortlessly guides beginners through their first steps, nurturing their skills with a blend of encouragement and expert knowledge. His philosophy centers around the belief that the essence of learning lies in teaching, a principle he embodies with every session he leads. His ability to communicate and connect is not just a skill but a gift that has enriched the Acroyoga Taiwan community.

Managing his Instagram account, acro_with_eric, Eric has built a bridge connecting AcroYoga enthusiasts globally. His efforts in inviting international instructors to Taiwan have significantly broadened the local AcroYoga Taipei community’s horizons, bringing diverse styles and teachings to eager learners.

Eric’s journey through AcroYoga has been transformative, reshaping not only his physical abilities but also enhancing his social interactions. His practice has opened doors to diverse cultures, enriching his worldview and reinforcing his belief in the indispensability of AcroYoga in his life.

Eric’s encounter with YogaSlackers marked a pivotal moment in his AcroYoga path. Captivated by the unique teaching styles of Sam and Raquel, he delved deeper into this discipline, leading to his participation in the YogaSlackers Teacher Training (TT8) in 2023. Eric’s commitment to both basing and flying in AcroYoga exemplifies his love for the practice and his desire to elevate and inspire those around him.

In essence, Eric is not just a leader but a beacon of inspiration, demonstrating how kindness, openness, and a willingness to share knowledge can create a thriving, inclusive community.

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