Olga Tseng
Olga Tseng

Olga Tseng 曾以琳

YogaSlackers Teacher Since 2024

Olga Tseng is an upcoming YogaSlackers teacher in Taiwan. With a background steeped in the artistry of dance, Olga infuses every gesture with beauty and poise, effortlessly captivating those around her. Her journey into AcroYoga in 2021 was a natural progression from her years as a dance teacher and performer, where she cultivated a reputation for infusing each move with elegance and fluidity.

Radiating with vibrant energy and a contagious zest for life, Olga brings an infectious sense of fun to every practice and teaching session. Her classes are not just about mastering techniques – they are vibrant experiences filled with laughter and camaraderie. Whether she’s guiding students through intricate poses or sharing her knowledge with fellow enthusiasts, Olga’s vibrant spirit and passion for movement shine through, creating an atmosphere that is both dynamic and welcoming.

In 2023, Olga took her commitment to excellence a step further by attending YogaSlackers’ teacher training, solidifying her foundation and enhancing her teaching skills. Yet, for Olga, this was merely a stepping stone in her ongoing journey of growth and exploration. With each new skill mastered and every lesson learned, she continues to evolve, spreading joy and inspiration wherever her graceful steps take her.

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General Education

BS International Business

2013 National Taiwan University

Yoga & Movement Arts

Slackline Yoga, AcroYoga and Slackro Teacher

2024 YogaSlackers, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Inclusion, Communication & Consent

Aiming for Allyship

2023 Justice Movement, Online