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BA Anthropology  200 CYT Meta Yoga Studios, Breckenridge YogaSlackers Certified Instructor      Alexandra is a wandering nomad at heart and in practice. Originally from south Florida, at age 18 she discovered mountains are real and has been determined to spend as much time as possible among them since. Studying anthropology in college taught her that there is no correct way to live your life, just cultural expectations. Upon graduation she moved to Colorado, where her visions and dreams for life began to manifest into reality. Living in Breckenridge for over two years she discovered a love for snowboarding and feeling small in the vastness of the back country. After a year of doing a yoga work trade at Meta Yoga Studios and much consistent practice, Alex was certified to instruct yoga in 2014 and discovered her passion for teaching others. Finding an intense love for balance she soon also began slacklining and acroyoga, which in her mind were obvious compliments to each other. What draws her to these activities is the community positivity and support surrounding them, the playfulness, active problem solving and teamwork involved. Slackline and acroyoga help us to do what we once thought would be impossible by finding our edge, pushing that edge farther and through that building confidence. In 2016 she became a YogaSlackers teacher, which is a community and experience she holds dear to her heart. She now teaches various types of movement and bodywork, and with a thirst for knowledge that list keeps on growing; these include: Slackline yoga, slackline, acroyoga, therapeutic acro, thai massage, meditation, yoga (align&flow, yin, restorative, arm balances&inversions), and hoop dance. She believes that the body and the mind must act as one for both internal and external harmony. Linking the breath with movement is a very powerful way to experience this. Her goal is to teach and show others the importance of play, that they too can be in harmony and balance, and that it can be as simple as using only the body they were gifted (and maybe a slackline too). Hoping to empower and inspire others to live the life of their dreams, she offers classes and workshops wherever her path leads next. You can find Alex playing outdoors, climbing mountains, walking one inch bridges, lifting humans into the sky, or maybe studying holistic healing such as ayurveda and Chinese medicine in a cozy coffee shop somewhere.   Contact  p: (561) 609-9558 e: [email protected] ig: @reyndropyoga  
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