Chip Fieberg
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Being first exposed to yoga in 1998 in Los Angeles, Chip struggled to find a form of yoga that felt appropriate and grounded. After sampling from the many styles available in southern California, he was introduced to Forrest Yoga in 2002. Chip connected immediately to the strategic cues and careful alignment that Forrest Yoga possessed. Feeling a pronounced shift from pain to pleasure in the low back, Chip identified with the systemic approach as being highly relevant to his well being. He was trained by Ana Forrest in 2003 to teach and started teaching part time soon after. In 2009, Chip made the shift towards teaching full time while diving deeper into his own yoga practice. Part of the motivation to do so was the discovery of AcroYoga. This exhilarating practice gave another layer of meaning to Chip's yoga practice. Over the course of the first few months of being exposed to AcroYoga, Chip knew that they wanted to become an AcroYoga teacher. During the summer of 2010, he was selected to join over 30 other AcroYogis in beautiful Santa Barbara to train to teach AcroYoga. Chip progressed rapidly in AcroYoga and now teaches a wide variety of classes and workshops ranging from introduction classes to advanced workshops. Chip's first AcroYoga teacher was Jason Magness of the YogaSlackers. Chip quickly resonated with the YogaSlackers' philosophy and life style. After spending about a year as full blown YogaSlacker groupies, Chip was named official YogaSlackers. Now, Chip and his wife, Laura, host retreats with other YogaSlackers teaching yoga, slacklining, AcroYoga, rock climbing, and meditation. Chip is also an active part of the YogaSlackers' impressive media team, generating print media as well as web and video assests. 
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