Chris Taylor
Last Name
Chris is a techie, world traveler, YogaSlackers Teacher, and Acro Revolution Teacher.  "I love to laugh and learn. I'm a storyteller and a friend." Chris grew up in Hawaii on a foundation of the Aloha Spirit. The understanding that we must work together and support each other in a positive way. Chris first stepped on a slackline in 2009 while traveling in Portugal. After seeing a transformation in himself Chris understood the power of calming the mind through active meditation and playfulness. He has a keen ability to teach in a fun and simple way that people of all ages can enjoy. Besides Slackline practice Chris enjoys Partner Arobatics, Acro Therapuetics and surfing. Chris loves to be silly and feels a deep sense of gratitude to be able to share the foundational techniques of slacklining and enjoying life which he learned from great teachers. 
Country of Origin
United States
Current Location
Paia, Hawaii
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