David Tai
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David found slackline, acro, and yoga in 2015, when his then girlfriend (now wife) dragged him to a local “acro jam.” Within the same month, he attended a slackline class taught by Sam & Raquel at an acro festival and the rest is history. David loves supporting others through movement, whether it is through physically lifting others up, or through the power of connection and teaching. The magic of movement is endless, and David loves sharing his fundamental and uplifting style of teaching to communities everywhere he goes. David is currently based in AZ, but travels to teach with his acro and life partner, Jen, who is also a Yogaslackers teacher!   David is a certified acro teacher through Partner-Acrobatics.com. In addition to teaching, David also slings coffee at his favorite specialty coffee shop in AZ. He is also a cycle/spin instructor, an avid ice cream and pizza eater, and a lover of all puppies. A fun fact about David is that he left his corporate job a few years ago to hike the Appalachian Trail and to live a life more authentic and free!   Contact David: p: (623) 428-9553 e: [email protected] w: https://www.jenanddavidacro.com/   Social Media: Instagram: @jenanddavidacro Facebook: Jen and David Acro  
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