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Eric was introduced to Yoga in 2006 where he immediately fell in love with the physical aspect of the practice and actively made it a regular part of his life. After being prompted numerous times over the years by friends to teach, he took the plunge and took his 200hr YTT in vinyasa flow / The Rocket style yoga. After completing his 200hr YTT in 2013, Eric encountered the YogaSlackers, and the slackline, for the first time at Wanderlust. He fell in love with the challenge of the line, and the powerful moving meditation that it provides.Since 2013, Eric has become both a YogaSlacker and AcroRevolution certified teacher as he continues to refine his yoga practices and share his knowledge with others. Eric's main passions in life are photography, yoga, slacklining, AcroYoga, sound healing, learning and staying curious. Eric's drawn to passionate people and sharing his passions with others.
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