Fletch Fletching
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Greetings & salutations.  My name is Fletch.  Most people call me...... Fletch. Serious.?.  Sometimes.  Well, I am a slacker.  (hehehe, giggles & grins) I love to adventure, knit burlap sacks on dry rainy days, see life with my eyes closed, travel through space on my back at night and do things that help me mentally, physically, and is great for the our home (earth) for future life here.  The love of AcroYoga lead me to slacklining. So am pursuing my loves during this so called "human experience", and see where it goes.  I know I have many loves, and that's just five, i mean two of them. I also love music (playing and listening), woodworking, farming/gardening, spacing out, handyman, nature, herbalism, thumb twiddling, traveling, learning other cultures, body movement, and oh, soooo much more. Would love to continue this dream in life.  Looking forward to meeting new people. (and old ones of course too, 🙂 Maybe your one of them.? Contact me if you'd like to connect. (play, train, teach, co-teach, hangout, enjoy life, what have you...) Much love and play, Fletch p.s. "The world is not my home, I'm just a-passing through"  (love and respect to Tom Waits)
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