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Jeremy Jernigan
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I am an Oregon native with a long history of taking my various passions to the extreme!  I moved to Seattle in early 2009.  Since then I discovered slacklining and thus have embarked on a life changing journey.  To execute asana on a 1” piece of webbing is an art form much like a painting.  The slackline is the canvas and you are the paintbrush!  Even the most beginner slackline yogi quickly develops a heightened sense of body awareness, dynamic balance, control of breath, core strength, meditative attention focus and more...  All of which are powerful confidence building tools that easily transfer to all aspects of life.  Having a regular slackline yoga practice has pushed the limits of my physical body while holding myself accountable with higher awareness.  It has also played a huge role in expanding a community of beautiful people who share my passion(s).  All of this has manifested a great personal & spiritual transformation in my life...among the biggest gift a person can receive I think.  The YogaSlackers have created and shared with me a proven model for teaching the art of slackline yoga.  My mission here is to “pay it forward” as I now offer weekly slackline yoga workshops in Seattle, WA.  Please contact me at [email protected] for more information.  Postings of my regular workshops can be found at
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YogaSlackers Slackline Setup