Louie Wray
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I was born in a flat place, in the Caribbean, far away from heights of any kind, I never thought that one day a 25mm strand of webbing would suspend me high in the atmosphere! Slacklining was introduced to me at the age of 14, but the passionate fire that now resides within me for walking wiggly ropes was not lit until a few years ago. The practice of walking on dynamic webbing is what I like to call an “active meditation." It pulls us away from the thoughts that constantly bombard us and deliver us to a place; a new experience. I see slacklines as representing literal and metaphorical "bridges" that few or none have ever crossed. Whether setting up a nice primitive line in the garden, or rigging a 200 meter monster 400 meters high, slacklining transports me to a place of joy and purpose. I take great pleasure and honor in helping others find that place. It would be my honor to help you cross your bridge. Whether this is your first bridge, or you are already working 100s of meters up high, I would love to share my knowledge and philosophy of this beautiful meditative art.
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