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Tom Grundy seemed to be on a fairly normal life progression through college and an MS in geology and work in environmental consulting. He did sports through college and then became more into rock climbing and other outdoor pursuits and when he lost his job he began a roadtrip that lasted for the next 13 years with a lot of climbing, mountaineering, hiking, biking, and other travels through most of the US and 7 other countries. This is when he first learned to slackline over 20 years ago. He also delved into photography to document some of his adventures and help fund the travels. His full-time truck residency came to an end when he bought an old church in Bishop California and converted it into his home and base camp. He still finds plenty of time to get outside and travel both in the US and internationally.His first experiences with yoga were to improve flexibility and balance for climbing and continued and intensified when he began to have adventures with some of the people who would become the YogaSlackers. Some of these trips included climbing in the US and Mexico, a packraft climbing trip to the Cirque of the Unclimbables in Northwest Territories, various Too Much Fun expeditions, part of the YES tour biking around Colorado teaching and raising money for charity, and adventure racing and teaching in Patagonia. After much time and numerous adventures with them he made it official with the YogaSlacker Teacher Training in 2013 as well as the Festival Teacher Training in 2016. Tom has taught or helped teach at festivals and workshops as well as more informally including the Red Rocks Rendezvous, Wanderlust festivals, and Yoga Journal conference. He loves to share the slackline as a tool to continue learning and practicing both on the line and in life.

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18 May 2017

Red Rock Rendezvous (RRR) is an annual rock climbing and social get together in Spring Mountain State Park near Las Vegas, NV put on by Mountain Hardware and Red Rock Canyon Conservation Area. The YogaSlackers have been there since 2009 (or 2008. Seriously, we’re too busy slacking to count dates accurately!). YogaSlackers’ involvement in RRR no […]