Wade Desai
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After nearly fifteen years or rock climbing, Wade was introduced to slackline by a close friend in the outdoors community. The balances between nature, recreation, and meditation resonated strongly, allowing for Wade to effortlessly become engrossed by the study and practice of slackline. Using his experiences with community-driven practices he learned while rock climbing, Wade helped lead the incorporation of a Pittsburgh-based slackline non-profit organization, and has encouraged the sustainable development of slackline in Pittsburgh, ever since.   Wade has relentlessly worked towards this positive presence of slackline in the Pittsburgh area through a variety of means: Organizing, rigging, and teaching local slackline workshops Developing formal slackline programs at local climbing gyms Hosting community meetups, park cleanups, and skills sessions Providing free slackline resources, publications, and information Facilitating recycling and repurposing of free slackline gear to beginners Development of formal slackline policy and sanctions with local government Rigging high profile slacklines for local businesses, organizations, and institutions Establishing regional relationships with slackline startups, small businesses, and outfitters Establishing working relationships with other recognized slackline organizations   In another vein, Wade’s professional background stems from western medicine, in which he has completed his medical doctorate, as well as a residency in Emergency Medicine. However, through his experience of western medicine over the better part of ten years, he increasingly realized that most of the current medical care in the western world fails the vast majority of its patients on a long term scale. After experiencing slackline in the context of experiencing frustration and futility in doctoring, Wade increasingly realized the undeniable mental health benefits of practicing slackline. As a result, he spent more time researching meditation and flow state, and their relative contributions to the effects observed in those who regularly practice slackline. It was with this intention, that Wade attended YogaSlackers Teacher Training in 2018, solidifying his dedication to finding ways of extending the positive benefits of slackline to others.   Yinz can still find Wade in ‘The City of Bridges’, biking over the steel and concrete ones, and walking on the 1” ones. But mostly, he’s still there building bridges between people. Join the Slackline Pittsburgh Facebook group and follow @SteelCitySlackers on Instagram to follow all of the Pittsburgh slackline ongoings! You can also contact Wade with questions or private training/instruction inquiries by emailing Steel City Slackers ([email protected]), attn: Wade.
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United States
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