YogaSlackers Teacher Thao Trinh
YogaSlackers Teacher Thao Trinh

Thao Trinh

YogaSlackers Teacher Since 2024

200hrs Registered Yoga Teacher

Meet Thao, a beacon of kindness and joy, whose vibrant energy makes every moment in her company unforgettable. With an innate attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to self-discovery, Thao’s journey into yoga began amidst the chaos of the COVID-19 pandemic in Vietnam.

Seeking solace from the confines of lockdown, Thao found refuge in the serenity of yoga, discovering not only physical transformation but also a profound emotional and mental resilience. Her journey ignited a passion to guide others towards their own paths of self-realization.

Drawing from her background in teaching English, Thao effortlessly articulates the intricacies of yoga with compassion and clarity. Her classes are a harmonious blend of dynamic movement and mindful introspection, often described as mandala-style, inviting practitioners to explore the depths of their practice.

Driven by her desire to share the transformative power of yoga, Thao has pursued extensive training, completing 200-hour Hatha and Multiple Yoga Styles certifications in Vietnam and Indonesia respectively, while continuously enriching her knowledge through ongoing education.

In 2023, Thao’s commitment to expanding her horizons led her to join YogaSlackers, enriching her practice with their unique approach to yoga and adventure. Becoming the first Vietnamese YogaSlackers teacher, Thao embodies the spirit of innovation and inclusivity within the yoga community.

In addition to her dedication to yoga, Thao is also an author, sharing her inspiring journey through a storytelling book published in mid-2023, resonating with Vietnamese readers eager to embark on their own paths of growth.

Whether joining her classes online or in person, Thao’s warmth and genuine spirit create an environment where every student feels supported and empowered. Embark on your own journey of self-discovery with Thao as your guide, and experience the transformative magic of yoga firsthand.

To book a class with her, please contact her via her email or instagram account.

You can find more information about Thao’s book in this link.

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General Education

Diploma of Nutritional and Vegetarian Advisor

2020 Online course

Bachelor of Business

2016 University of Technology Sydney

Yoga & Movement Arts

Slackline Yoga, AcroYoga & Slackro Teacher

2024 YogaSlackers, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Kinesiology and Movement

2023 MovebyChan, Saigon, Vietnam

Happy Flow

2022 Happy Flow School, Saigon, Vietnam

Multiple Yoga Style

2021 AAYAA School, Bali, Indonesia

Hatha Yoga Teacher

2020 YATA school, Saigon, Vietnam