How to Butterfly Coil a Slackline

If you are dealing with longer pieces of webbing, butterfly coils are a great option. As it allows you to store and transport long slacklines with or without a bag while reducing the probability of having twists, kinks and turns in your webbing. Plus the skills used to store your gear are the same ones you will use for climbing rope.

Setup Instructions

  1. Start with both ends of the line on one hand. Pass the webbing over your shoulders allowing the ends to touch the ground.

  2. Go back and forth making long coils on each side of your body. try to make the coils the same length each time, until you reach the end of your webbing.

  3. Carefully take the whole coil off of your neck, making sure your coils do not get undone.

  4. To secure the coil, use the ends of the webbing – the longer piece you started with – to wrap around the coil a couple of times. Grab the webbing and pass it back to the other side creating a loop. Pass the end of the webbing through the loop you just created and pull.

  5. When you are ready to use your line again, undo the wraps around the coil, open the coil and carefully place the webbing on the ground. Pull either end of the webbing and continue your setup.

What to do next?

Check out more slackline setup and storage ideas or explore our Slackline Yoga Library featuring over 200 Slackline Yoga Poses.

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