The YogaSlackers is an eclectic group known worldwide for their slackline abilities and teaching techniques. The group is united by five founding principles: Yoga, Slacklining, AcroYoga, Conditioning and Adventure. Their main practice – Slackline Yoga – focuses upon putting their body in different yoga poses while balancing on a thin piece of webbing suspended over the air. Their goal is to regulate stress responses and learn to connect with their calm centered self, regardless of the situation. 

Jason Magness and Sam Salwei co-founded the group in 2005 based on the activities that define their lifestyle. The stories behind the formation of their practice, family, and the business of YogaSlackers are humorous and full of serendipity. It seems that they were often just in the right place at the right time. 

YogaSlackers teaching is characterized by a strong focus on fundamentals, safe and thoughtful progressions, and success by practice and repetition. They have successfully taught over 30,000 people how to slackline. They believe with a little bit of practice or one of their 90 minute classes, everyone can slackline! 




Teach Extreme Living with Awareness


Inspire our students to become the best version of themselves they can be even under the most extreme conditions.



  • Quality And In-depth Teaching
    • Safe and Thoughtful Progressions
    • Strong Focus on Fundamentals
    • Clear and Concise Instructions
    • Success by Practice and Repetition

  • Elevate Our Students
    By providing them with the tools and the knowledge we currently hold and encouraging them to surpass our achievements

  • Everyone Can Be A Slacker
    Commitment to Inclusive Teaching and Practice Standards

  • Strive To Exceed Expectations
    Do your best regardless of who is watching

  • Support Those With Similar Value
    Support individuals and companies interested in continuous improvement and self-renewal of the individuals and the communities they represent.

  • Focus on Life Satisfaction
    And on creating a lifestyle that is aligned and will sustain our values.

  • Compassion For All Living Things
    Treat people and our environment with fairness, kindness and respect.

Core Team

YogaSlackers co-Founder Sam Salwei

Sam Salwei

Co-founder and Teacher

Sam co-created YogaSlackers out of a 1988 Ford Festival, the Peace Love Car. He has a great deal of knowledge and experience on the slackline, creating amazing spectacles wherever he goes. Today he can be found traveling the globe sharing these unique practices at festivals, retreats and workshops. When not adventuring you can find it playing mechanic and researching how to live and travel with the least amount of impact out of the Slacker Van.


YogaSlackers co-Founder Jason Magness

Jason Magness

Co-founder, Teacher and Team YogaSlackers

Jason is an internationally renowned yogi-adventurer who has practiced various forms of Yoga for more than 15 years. Cofounder of the YogaSlackers, he is also an AcroYoga teacher, advanced level Ashtanga practitioner, environmentalist, former physicist and mastermind of Team Bend Racing / YogaSlackers.


YogaSlackers Teacher Luz Raquel Hernandez-Cruz

Raquel Hernandez-Cruz

General Manager and teacher

Raquel is a former Marine Scientist turned yogi, acroyogi and slackliner. She is committed to sharing her passions and love of life by leading workshops, trainings and festival classes around the world. She takes care of the scheduling and “real world” tasks that keep YogaSlackers alive. Most of this is done from the comforts of the Slacker Van.


YogaSlackers Teacher Ryan Saddler

Ryan Saddler

Shipping and Teacher

Ryan works and play all things slackline. He is the owner of the slackline company Balancing Earth Slacklines. Ryan joined the YogaSlackers in 2016 and has been managing our shipping department ever since. He makes sure to infuse each slackline shipment with tender love and care.



YogaSlackers Teacher Jenni Saddler

Jenni Sadler

Shipping and Teacher

Jenni has been a YogaSlackers since 2018. She offers her energy and enthusiasm on our slackline shipping department. Making sure that each lines gets a good portion of #slacklove before it heads off to you.


Meet the Teachers

Our teachers specialize in gently nudging their students (and themselves) far outside the comfort zone and into the realm of ultimate growth. With a roaster of over 150 teachers throughout the world we are certain that you can find a teacher near you, or one willing to travel to your community.

Featured Teacher

In the News

Mobile Headquarters


YogaSlackers Nomad office is based out of a 1988 Mitsubishi Delica also known as the Slacker Van.

Soon we will be publishing a list about the build process and some of our nomad adventures. After living, working and traveling in the  PeaceLoveCar for over 10 years, we learned a thing or two from living overland. In the meantime, follow us on social media.


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