Packing for Adventure

Ready. Get Set. Pack!

We asked the most nomadic YogaSlackers to share their packing ideas and packing essentials with you. Hope they inspire you to plan a summer full of traveling adventures.

By Adi Carter, Chelsey Magness, Kendra Charts, Sam Salwei and Raquel Hernández

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Staying Clean

Long road trips and travel adventures can make getting clean a little – let’s say – hard to schedule. Open up to cleaning opportunities by carrying a small everyday essentials – carry on ready – bag. Keep it on your day pack or computer bag and take advantage of all showering opportunities. Where you say? Any private bathroom with a sink can become an improv shower. (More details!)

Once you get to your favorite safe house, hotel or long term camping site, use your full travel toiletry bag. No fuss!

What we keep on our toiletry bag?
J Tree Organics!

Doesn't fit? Compress it!

Compression bags and packing cubes are our favorite solution for packing clothing. Pack your clothes in compression bags organized as outfits. That way you don’t have to think about what to wear! Just pull an outfit out of the bag and go on with your adventure.

Yes, you can use any packing bags for this, but we find that compression bags, not only save space, but they also keep outfits from becoming undone.

Our favorite compression bags come from Eagle Creek.

An Electronic's Age

Being nomadic means we do a lot of work on the road. The typical mobile office includes: laptop computer, smart phones, camera, tripods, portable speakers, headphones (great for conference calls on busy coffee shops!) and external batteries.

The one thing in common with all of these is that you will end up carrying a bunch of cables. We have fallen in love with NiteIze Gear Ties. We couldn’t travel without them.

The pair perfectly with their CordCollar. These silicone taps not only protect your cords from damage but also help you identify which cord is yours. Mix and match the colors to reduce the traveler’s conversation that usually goes like this:

Traveler 1: That’s my cord…
Traveler 2: not that’s mine…
Traveler 3: actually that’s mine…

Become Weather Resistant

Get ready for adventure by carrying your rain jacket with you. Sam and Raquel like to keep their rain jackets on a small dry bag. That way when it rains they have a place to store their electronics. Clever idea!

Their favorite dry bags are made by Sea to Summit. They keep their rain jackets in a 4 Liter Lightweight Drybag.

Smelly Clothes Are Not Fun

The best way to transport your laundry? Sam and Raquel always travel with a 35 Liter dry bag. It is an amazing storing solution for dirty clothing. It keeps your dirty clothes and the accompanying smells contained. Plus it can double as a nice big pillow.

Shoes Are Fun!

We all love shoes. If you are thinking not me! may we we ask you… how many shoes do you have for each sport you play? Yep, it doesn’t matter if you like to pack heels, running shoes, flip flops or climbing shoes. You probably always pack a pair or five.

Keeping your shoes contained in shoe bags will make your packing life a lot easier, and cleaner!

The Essentials

The Staples

There are a few things to always have in hand regardless of your travel destination. Each nomad has a list of preferred items, here are the ones they all agree on:

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