The Case for Packing Heavy

Next time you find yourself in the beginning stages of a trip, we encourage you to throw away every notion of packing light. Instead, we want you to pack all your gear with you; this is why.

Economy Adventure

We have looked at the numbers over and over. Packing your gear will be a lot cheaper than renting and you will be able to use it whenever you want. In our last trip through Thailand, Hong Kong, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Australia, and Hawaii, we carried loads of equipment to create grand adventures on a budget.

Below are a couple of our favorite plus-size items to drag with. They save money on water rentals, and if you use them enough, it more than pays off for the extra luggage fees you might run into.

  1. Hala Atcha SUP: This inflatable paddle board allowed us to escape Hong Kong’s city and to explore the Islands off the coast. We took down whitewater in New Zealand and long paddles in Hawaii. It is also a great ‘toy’ to throw in your resort pool for hours of fun. It comes with a carrying case that is within the standard checked luggage size. No need to pay for an oversize item.

  2. Alpaka Packrafts: Small and light, we could pack these rafts with us on longer expeditions where bringing the paddle board would not be ideal. Packrafts are so light that you will find yourself scouting the coast for newer and unscheduled adventures.

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