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New Year Handstand Challenge

Facebook Challenge and Giveaway Alert!

January 1st to January 12th, 2021
For over 4 years we have been doing a New Year Challenge: 12 Days of Handstands.
Join our Facebook Group: YogaSlackers 12 Days of Handstands for a chance to improve your handstands, connect with fellow handstanders and the possibility to win awesome prizes.

How to Participate

1. JOIN our newsletter before Dec 30th. We will be sending more information on how to participate on the challenge there.
2. JOIN our Facebook Group
3. LOAD a daily video holding or attempting a handstand every day of the challenge.⁣⁣⁣
Starting January 1st ending on January 12th, 2021

Can't handstand? No problem!

You do not need to know how to handstand to win this challenge. All you have to do is join, train and post every day.

What can you win?

1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place

General Schedule

Jan 1:
1 min cumulative Handstand
1 min meditation
Jan 2:
2 min cumulative Handstand
2 min meditation
Jan 3:
3 min cumulative Handstand
3 min meditation
Jan 4:
4 min cumulative Handstand
4 min meditation
Jan 5:
5 min cumulative Handstand
5 min meditation
Jan 6:
6 min cumulative Handstand
6 min meditation

Jan 7:
7 min cumulative Handstand
7 min meditation
Jan 8:
8 min cumulative Handstand
8 min meditation
Jan 9:
9 min cumulative Handstand
9 min meditation
Jan 10:
10 min cumulative Handstand
10 min meditation
Jan 11:
11 min cumulative Handstand
11 min meditation
Jan 12:
12 min cumulative Handstand
12 min meditation

What is a cumulative handstand minute?

Each day you will time from the moment your feet leave the ground, to the moment they return. Regardless of how long that is! Then you continue your timer with every handstand or handstand attempt, until you accumulate that day’s goal.

Where can I find more information about handstand training?

Join our newsletter and facebook group. We will be offering further instructions on how to properly and safely take on this challenge.

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