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Kwantana Kwamuangpan

YogaSlackers Teacher Since 2024

Kwantana Kwamuangpan, known affectionately as Kwan, marks a pioneering figure in Thailand’s YogaSlackline scene, radiating boundless positivity, resilience, and a boldness for embarking on challenging endeavors. Originating from the scenic province of Chiang Rai, Thailand, Kwan’s formative years were steeped in the tranquility of nature.

The transition from her peaceful hometown to the bustling streets of Bangkok was a significant shift for Kwan, who pursued higher education and a career in the capital. After earning a degree in computer science, she initially worked as a programmer before venturing into the role of a SAP consultant. This career path offered her the opportunity to travel extensively, allowing her to immerse herself in diverse cultures and broaden her perspective on life.

Kwan’s foray into endurance sports began with a marathon challenge from a colleague. Embracing this challenge, she embarked on a journey that saw her completing mini-marathons, half-marathons, full marathons, and eventually, ultra-marathons. However, it was her discovery of slacklining that opened a new chapter in her quest for personal growth and adventure. Starting with basic slacklining equipment, Kwan dedicated herself to mastering this art, gradually advancing to highline walking.

Her slacklining journey reached a pivotal moment in December 2019 at the Acro and Slackline Yoga Festival in Chiang Mai. It was here that Kwan met Sam and Raquel, the lead teachers of the YogaSlackers, who introduced her to the discipline of Slackline Yoga. This encounter was transformative, deepening Kwan’s commitment to the practice. Following this, her participation in the Slackline Waterline Adventure in December 2022 enriched her experience further, allowing her to explore AcroYoga for the first time.

In December 2023, Kwan took a significant step in her slacklining journey by completing the YogaSlackers teacher training program. This accomplishment not only solidified her role as a teacher within this unique discipline but also set her on a path to integrate yoga poses into highline walking—a testament to her innovative spirit and dedication to pushing the boundaries of physical and mental endurance.

As the first YogaSlackers teacher in Thailand, Kwan –has emerged as a pivotal figure for those keen on delving into slacklining and highlining. Her path, characterized by an unyielding engagement with challenges and a dedication to disseminating her insights, stands as a beacon of motivation for many. For individuals journeying to Thailand with a curiosity about slacklining, Kwan represents the quintessential guide, eager to impart her fervor and know-how. With Kwan, you find not just an instructor but a connector to the slackline and highline community in Thailand, making her an invaluable resource for enthusiasts and newcomers alike. Kwan also manages Slackline066 and Slackline Maesai and Rock Climbing, two Facebook pages focused both on building the slackline community in Bangkok and serving as a bridge to connect people to the highline community in Chiang Rai.

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General Education

  • Bachelor degree in Computer Science

    Rajamangkala University

Yoga & Movement Arts

  • YogaSlackers

    Slackline Yoga, AcroYoga & Slackro Teacher

    2024 YogaSlackers, Chiang Mai, Thailand