Raquel Hernández-Cruz
Raquel’s adventures began many years ago. During her first year in college she started practicing pranic healing meditations. Pain in her neck, back, and shoulders sent her to her first yoga class. Later on, she utilized a combination of asana and meditation to stay focused, healthy, and active while working on her masters degree in marine biology. Only three short days after defending her thesis she boarded a plane to India where she received her first of many yoga certifications. But her intention wasn't to become a teacher, her intention was to dive into the yoga practice….. even more.  Never knowing how to keep a good thing only for herself, Raquel soon started offering yoga classes while consecutively working on a PhD degree in chemical oceanography.  She began to notice the impact that just one hour of class twice a week had on her students: physically, mentally, emotionally. That's when Raquel decided that she would benefit the world more by being a full time yoga teacher than a marine biologist! (Yay, for us!) She has since quit her studies, her research, and her job and decided to travel the world meeting amazing humans and teaching the art of balancing. As Raquel has continued to travel and avidly pursue her passions, she's completed even more training and certifications, including several pranic healing certifications, Akhanda yoga 500 hrs teacher training, Ashtanga yoga teacher training, Reiki master, yoga for children, and prenatal yoga. She became a doula (because why not?!), an AcroYoga teacher and completed slackline yoga training with YogaSlackers.  These days, you can find Raquel (somewhere in the world) balancing the 'real work tasks' of managing YogaSlackers, playing, and sharing her passions with others by leading workshops, retreats, festival classes, and teacher trainings. Her classes are highly influenced by her travels, and her honest desire to connect with people through compassionate communication. She still employs her scientific background to solve complex problems, making no hurdle too large for her to cross. Raquel will patiently and enthusiastically guide you to the edge of your perceived limits….and beyond! She can't help but create an encouraging environment where learning and growing result through playful discovery. So what are you waiting for?! Let's play!  Join her free monthly handstand training program.
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Puerto Rico
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San Lorenzo, Puerto Rico
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21 Aug 2020

Did you know that there is not a true antonym for the English noun nomad? We learned this the hard way earlier this year, when we were unexpectedly required to “stay put” and stop living nomadically during the COVID-19 pandemic.

09 Nov 2019

Every time I exchanged an ‘I have to’ for an ‘I get to’ in normal everyday life, I was allowing myself to express gratitude and appreciation towards the things that I have.

24 Sep 2019

It seems like this trio has been together for a lifetime. While we are used to seeing them climbing, running, alpineering, sup-ing across open waters and generally having “fun” together, their adventures as a trio only date back to 2013. But… that was quite an adventurous start.

14 Mar 2018

A 1988 Ford Festiva is a small car. Super small. At 28 square feet, it’s efficient and easy to park, but not much of a living space. But the YogaSlackers made it a mini mobile home – and office, and gear hauler, and spreader of good vibes. For ten years, Sam Salwei – one of […]

05 Nov 2017

A 1988 Mitsubishi Delica is our home, office and adventure mobile. Check it out.

17 Sep 2017

Remember the first time you had to poop in the woods? Raquel sure does. Mainly because it was an unexpected call. Be ready for when nature calls with a few simpe tips.

19 Aug 2017

Sitting on the top of the Maroon Bells she went from sobbing to celebrating. The reason will surprise you as much as it surprised her. Life is uncertain and that can be a good thing.

27 Jun 2017

After traveling for over 10 years as a vegetarian, and now as an aspiring gluten-free vegan, I have come up with a foolproof system for how to nourish myself. The following is a detailed Step-by-Step Guide to traveling and eating on a restrictive diet… and fully enjoy it!

01 May 2017

We are all aware of those unique individuals the rest of us sometimes have the privilege to meet while we are busy with our routine- someone who is an enigma to the “daily grind” type of existence; someone who inspires us, and in the very least, gives us a moment to pause and reflect on […]

23 Apr 2017

Next time you find yourself in the beginning stages of a trip, we encourage you to throw away every notion of packing light. Instead, we want you to pack all your gear with you; this is why. Economy Adventure We have looked at the numbers over and over. Packing your gear will be a lot […]

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7th YogaSlackers Teacher Training
Chiang Mai, Thailand
Nov 22 – Dec 6, 2019

NEW longer training with a focus on Slackro!

With YogaSlackers Sam Salwei, Raquel Hernández-Cruz, and Emily Baxter in collaboration with Caitlin and Dane of Duo Die Acrobatics

Sep 2020

Sep 2020

Join us each and every month for 12 days of handstand training.