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    Raquel’s adventures began many years ago. During her first year in college she started practicing pranic healing meditations. Pain in her neck, back, and shoulders sent her to her first yoga class. Later on, she utilized a combination of asana and meditation to stay focused, healthy, and active while working on her masters degree in marine biology. Only three short days after defending her thesis she boarded a plane to India where she received her first of many yoga certifications. But her intention wasn't to become a teacher, her intention was to dive into the yoga practice….. even more. 

    Never knowing how to keep a good thing only for herself, Raquel soon started offering yoga classes while consecutively working on a PhD degree in chemical oceanography.  She began to notice the impact that just one hour of class twice a week had on her students: physically, mentally, emotionally. That's when Raquel decided that she would benefit the world more by being a full time yoga teacher than a marine biologist! (Yay, for us!) She has since quit her studies, her research, and her job and decided to travel the world meeting amazing humans and teaching the art of balancing.

    As Raquel has continued to travel and avidly pursue her passions, she's completed even more training and certifications, including several pranic healing certifications, Akhanda yoga 500 hrs teacher training, Ashtanga yoga teacher training, Reiki master, yoga for children, and prenatal yoga. She became a doula (because why not?!), an AcroYoga teacher and completed slackline yoga training with YogaSlackers. 

    These days, you can find Raquel (somewhere in the world) balancing the 'real work tasks' of managing YogaSlackers, playing, and sharing her passions with others by leading workshops, retreats, festival classes, and teacher trainings. Her classes are highly influenced by her travels, and her honest desire to connect with people through compassionate communication. She still employs her scientific background to solve complex problems, making no hurdle too large for her to cross. Raquel will patiently and enthusiastically guide you to the edge of your perceived limits… and beyond! She can't help but create an encouraging environment where learning and growing result through playful discovery. So what are you waiting for?! Let's play! 

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    Raquel travels the world teaching slackline yoga and acroyoga. She focuses on the things that she likes to do and hopes to inspire others to focus on the things that they like to do. She believes life should be that simple.
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    Puerto Rico
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    San Lorenzo, Puerto Rico
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    24 Dec 2020

    Two couples have spent years on the road with about 50 square feet or less to call home. It takes wanderlust — and a seriously concise kitchen plan. Sam Salwei and Raquel Hernández-Cruz stopped for some “acroyoga” in Alaska. They traveled the world and taught yoga from their two-door hatchback they called the Peace Love […]

    21 Dec 2020

    Ready. Get Set. Pack! We asked the most nomadic YogaSlackers to share their packing ideas and packing essentials with you. Hope they inspire you to plan a summer full of traveling adventures. By Adi Carter, Chelsey Magness, Kendra Charts, Sam Salwei and Raquel Hernández   This article contains affiliate links. It you were to purchase […]

    07 Dec 2020

    After living on the road for over 8 years, we know a thing or two about what you need to cook while traveling. This guide can be used to create your car camping kitchen anywhere you go. Even while flying places!

    30 Nov 2020

    After living on the road for over 8 years, we know a thing or two about what you need to cook while traveling. This guide can be used to create your car camping kitchen anywhere you go. Even while flying places!

    18 Nov 2020

    Check out the SlackerVan kitchen setup. After living on the road for over 10 years, Sam (co-founder of YogaSlackers) and Raquel have identify a list of ‘must have’ items for cooking on the road.

    18 Nov 2020

    What do we do when we are not slacking, acroyoging, handstanding or climbing mountains? We play games!

    Here is a growing list of our favorite games.

    We’ve tested all these games on and off the road with adults and children. While traveling to distant places, with multi language players and lately during six months of social distancing and counting.

    31 Oct 2020

    After living in the Peace Love Car for over 5 years, Sam and Raquel decided to invest in a new and bigger vehicle. To some, what they decided to purchase is none of that. Here is the story of how they purchase a 1988 Mitsubishi Delica and their first road trip.

    15 Oct 2020

    If you are dealing with longer pieces of webbing, butterfly coils are a great option. As it allows you to store and transport long slacklines with or without a bag while reducing the probability of having twists, kinks and turns in your webbing. Plus the skills used to store your gear are the same ones […]

    08 Oct 2020

    Have you been hauling around dirty dishes in an effort to reduce single use plastics? So did we, until we started traveling with a dish washing bag. Check what’s in our tiny and convenient essential daily travel gear.

    28 Sep 2020

    Learn three different ways to store your slackline webbing depending on use and space needs.

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