Sam Salwei decided over a decade ago that the status quo simply was not for him. Instead, in 2004 he packed up what little material possessions he owned and began living on the road, traveling coast-to-coast in pursuit of a life that uniquely expressed his values for adventure and environmental responsibility. Just a year later, his passions for Slacklining, Adventure Racing, and Rock Climbing came together when he co-created “The YogaSlackers,” a company founded on bringing yoga poses to the slackline, and finding the yogic elements within other body-awareness practices, such as acrobatics and climbing.

Under Sam’s careful guidance, The YogaSlackers has since grown to over 100 highly talented and passionate athletes and teachers. This highly motivated group of individuals are redefining what it means to be a “slacker” as they live, travel, and teach all over the world, with the support of over 20 different sponsors. Sam’s support and passion he put into the YogaSlackers resulted in something that is really more of a family than a company, held together by the glue of adventure and ecologically sustainable living. 


Jun 3 - Jun 5
Wanderlust Snowshoe
Snowshoe, WV
Jun 16 - Jun 19
Wanderlust Stratton
Stratton, VT
Jun 24 - Jun 27
Yoga Journal Live-San Diego
Hotel Del Coronado
Jun 30 - Jul 3
Wanderlust Aspen-Snowmass
Wanderlust Aspen-Snowmass
Jul 8 - Jul 10
Nantucket Yoga Festival
Nantucket, MA
Jul 14 - Jul 17
Wanderlust Squaw Valley
Squaw Valley
Jul 28 - Aug 1
Wanderlust Whistler
Whistler, BC
Aug 11 - Aug 14
Wanderlust Tremblant
Mount Tremblant, QC, CA
Oct 7
Advanced Acro at Divine Play:: w/ Sam, Raquel, Jason, and Chelsey
Oregon Convention Center
Oct 9
Intro to Slackro at Divine Play:: w/ Sam and Raquel
Oregon Convention Center
Dec 1 - Dec 8
YogaSlackers' Thailand SlacklineYoga and AcroYoga Retreat
Kaomai Lanna Resort, Chiang Mai, Thailand


Give Thanks With The YogaSlackers!
2013-07-08 00:00:00 UTC

Registration and more info at:  

Coming up for the fourth time now is one of our favorite YogaSlackers events- a total camping experience out in the bush with a bunch of great peeps and a plethora of amazing activities. 

The fun filled days include morning yoga, then rock climbing in the amazing backcountry wilderness, and is topped off with AcroYoga, slacklining and a campfire that is sure to add to the memories. The ...

Follow us Live
2013-02-11 14:29:05 UTC

Our location should be trackable on the Yogaslackers Adventure page...Four Continents/YogaSlackers is yoga2 and YogaSlackers/GearJunkie team is yoga1

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Four Continents/YogaSlackers is yoga2. The other YogaSlackers/GearJunkie team is yoga1, you can see how much faster they are than us.

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Hopefully we can have a ...